Defy Convention To Rise Above The Rest

Everybody wants to reach the peak, but there is no growth on the top of a mountain. It is in the valley that we slog through, the lush grass and rich soil, learning and becoming what enables us to summit life’s next peak.

When well-intentioned experts create manuals to guide future entrepreneurs and businesses, it is normal to have an urge to follow without questioning. People might get fearful in straying from the norm, even if the norm is out of their aspirations or comfort zone. Convention guarantees success, or so people think.

Then, why isn’t every entrepreneur who followed the rules, successful?

You see, it is extremely important to be an exception when it serves your business or brand right. How are you different? What does YOUR business acumen say? Who is your audience? What technology does your business need? All important questions, all you need to answer YOURSELF.

Why is it important to be an exception?

If one rule of success existed, since it’s discovery, everybody who has ever tried their hands in business would have been successful. Whether you need to concentrate on direct cash flow or the idea of monthly recurrences based on real money and possibilities of it, whether you want to concentrate on each customer or the bulk of profit, whether your audience is local or global, is your decision. Not only that, but even in this digital age, when you want to ingrate everything digital into your business and which part of digital will suit your business better, is also up to you.

You see, hindsight is 2020, so how your decisions pan out and whether your business emerges a winner for it or not, although unknown, will impact your perception of yourself. Therefore, along with making your own decisions, owning up to good and bad ones is also of utmost importance. This builds a sense of responsibility, integrity, and helps people introspect and analyze better. You will never learn if you don’t accept your mistakes.

A deep dive into standing out

A need to be relentless can be the driving force behind your success, even if there are a few failures to overcome. To find your own way, you need to be able to trust your own decisions and to trust your own decisions, you need to make the decisions. It might take a few attempts to discover what works and what doesn’t.

Conventional wisdom is good as guidance, not as a constricting noose around the creative functioning of a business. Also, your previous belief, any confirmation bias you have needs to be re-assessed to ensure that objective thinking and truly knowing what’s right for your business precedes everything. That is the way to make your mark, to not only be different, but exclusive.

The right outlook

The need to be unique should always come before the need to be successful. If you do something well consistently, persevere and evolve your decision-making process through analysis and discipline, if you pave your own path defying convention effectively, the chances of your business becoming a success are more.

Seasoned entrepreneur developing inspiring solutions to challenging sustainability issues. Founder & CEO of Rookieplay Inc.