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Technology in the world today allows people to follow their dreams, adding meaning to life and allowing more flexibility in the workspace.

Artificial intelligence (AI) allows people to connect across different platforms, finding people with similar interests and job connections. Workers find joy in what they do by bringing their passions to the workplace, which potentially benefits the company and increases productivity. The company works to create jobs for each individual and democratize the workplace, working to understand what employees are good at ultimately to benefit the organization.

Imagine a worker in a technology department finding work becoming monotonous, dreaming of starting their own art appreciation business. They may have no experience in creating art themselves, but may use AI to generate connections, marketing the art business through social media channels. The IT worker uses their technological abilities to create something they are passionate about — art appreciation. AI also may eliminate monotonous administrative tasks, allowing more time to focus on projects that matter. If the work place allows employees to work on their own special projects, they can both find a passion of theirs and research how the project can benefit the company.

Working to find your passions may also benefit the company for which one works. For example, the worker could create their art appreciation business to a mobile truck. This could be apart of a company wellness program, traveling to office locations, and allowing employees a break in their day. This program could incentivize workers to participate, creating challenges that allow breaks in the work day and incentivize long-term benefits.

In summary, technology allows people to find their purpose and give meaning to their everyday lives. It allows workers to discover their untapped potentials and eliminate the feeling of being “stuck” at work. It may also empower others to begin their own businesses, which is a dream for many. You have the opportunity to follow your passion, shape the image of the company, and be your own boss.

Originally published at on June 19, 2020.